In the period from March 15 to April 24, the trainings will be held in Novi Sad, Leskovac, Užice, Zaječar, Beograd, Kraljevo and Valjevo.

Sources of Finance: Financial Awareness Trainings for SMEs


Apart from standard commercial bank loans, small and medium-sized compFor more information about the registration process, please send an email to: conference@wmep.rsanies in Serbia are not sufficiently informed about other viable sources of financing, which today represent an integral part of doing business for many growing businesses.  In an effort to raise awareness about alternative funding sources, WM Equity Partners (WMEP), with support from USAID Competitive Economy Project, will organize a series of five training sessions on the subject.

These training sessions will allow enterprises with export potential to learn more about diverse sources of funding available to SMEs (primarily EU funds – IPARD, state funds, commercial bank loans as well as alternative financing options). The trainings will also provide an opportunity for SMEs to learn about new financial management techniques, get tailored advice from seasoned experts in their respective fields, and leverage new information for business development.

Specifically, the training sessions will provide answers to the following questions: What are optimal financing options for small and medium-sized enterprises; How to prepare IPARD applications; How to successfully enter new markets with support from companies that are already doing business in these markets; What are the benefits of capital injections from strategic partners – do they only represent sources of additional funding or do they provide more in terms of transferring technological and business know-how, as well as contacts, for further business development; What are the key challenges of managing family-run businesses.