PROKUPAC WEEK, October 11th-18th 2021


A series of events took place across Serbia from October 11th to 18th to celebrate the country’s indigenous grape variety Prokupac. The sixth International Prokupac Day, October 15th, saw the wine conference entitled Prokupac: Born in Serbia. The participants, who included vintners, wine experts, wine industry stakeholders, and wine lovers from seven countries throughout the region and the world, exchanged knowledge and experiences about wine growing, technology, and market prospects of Prokupac, and the development of Serbia’s wine industry and its worldwide recognition. On Prokupac Day itself, October 14th, the Beton Hala gourmet district of Belgrade played host to the Prokupac Salon, which brought together more than 30 Serbian wineries. This year’s Prokupac Day events were the most extensive to date, with Prokupac Caravans taking place in Prokuplje, Aleksandrovac, and Kragujevac. In addition, over 300 bars and restaurants from all over the country held promotional events and tastings to celebrate this indigenous grape variety.

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