Prokupac, Serbia’s indigenous wine variety, gets its own glass!


Prokupac reds, deeply rooted in the history of Serbian winemaking, have been recognized globally and taken their place alongside some of the world’s most prized and esteemed wines. Thanks to support from the USAID Competitive Economy Project, the initial batch of specially branded Prokupac Riedel Performance stemware arrived in Serbia and were showcased at an event on July 5th attended by wine professionals, sommeliers, the press, and the hospitality industry. The first glasses have already found their way to wineries, bars, and restaurants that serve Prokupac. The Prokupac Riedel Performance glass is now part of Riedel’s worldwide catalogue, which will also help promote Prokupac wines globally. This is another acknowledgment of the authenticity and quality of Prokupac, Serbian winemakers, and the country’s wine tradition, which rank alongside those of the world’s greatest wines.
Prokupac is a wine grape that has witnessed a true renaissance over the past decade to become one of Europe’s most promising indigenous varieties. Its excellence has been recognized by some of the world’s leading wine experts, who have for years been awarding Prokupac the highest scores, accolades, and medals in international competitions. Prokupac is the first South-Eastern European indigenous grape variety to have its own international day: every October 14, events, tastings, and festivals throughout Serbia and the world celebrate Prokupac Day.

For more information about the event, see the media release at Press release – Prokupac glass

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