Prognosfruit 2022, world’s leading apple and pear industry event, takes place in Belgrade


Prognosfruit 2022, the leading global apple and pear industry event, was organized in Belgrade from August 3rd to 5th, 2022, by the World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA) and the Serbian apple growers’ association Serbia Does Apples, with support from the USAID Competitive Economy Project. More than 200 apple and pear industry representatives from 23 countries across the world came together for this major industry conference to learn the latest forecasts for the upcoming season.

The central conference, which took place on August 4th at the Hyatt Hotel, presented European apple and pear forecasts for the upcoming season, the situation in the northern hemisphere, and global perspectives facing the sector given the latest developments. Key conclusions included that apple and pear production remained on the increase in the European Union, with yields, conversely, trending down outside Europe, as well as in China and the US. The attendees heard that producers would have to come together to seek answers to issues posed by climate change, growing production and transport costs, and market volatility.

The conference was preceded by a tour of Belgrade and a formal reception at the White Palace, the city’s former royal residence, and followed by a visit to Atos Fructum plantations situated on the slopes of Mt Fruska Gora just north of the Serbian capital. Atos Fructum is a member of Serbia Does Apples, set up in 2018 with assistance from the Project to help Serbian apple growers join forces and enter new markets. This association currently brings together 11 leading Serbian firms that have to date seen much commercial success in the UK, Romania, Hungary, and the United Arab Emirates. Serbia Does Apples joined WAPA in 2019, which allowed it to host this year’s Prognosfruit conference.

For more information about the event, see Press Release – Prognosfruit2022