On December 18, 2017, at the ICT HUB in Belgrade, a conference was held to present the Global Innovation Index 2017 Report, focused on innovation in agriculture and food systems.

Presentation of the Global Innovation Index 2017 Report


The conference with the main theme “Innovation in Agriculture and Food Systems” gathered experts in the field of agriculture to discuss factors, indicators and benchmarks related to Serbia’s position based on the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2017 report.

Dr. Drasko Draskovic, Expert on Innovation Ecosystems, Jovana Tomic, R&D Manager at Desing, Goran Pitic, Professor at FEFA Faculty, and Maria Desivojević Cvetkovic, Senior Vice President of Delta Holding Serbia, provided an overview of Serbia’s ranking according to the GII 2017 report, discussed problems related to innovation in agriculture and gave examples of how to improve economic development through innovative business practices.  Panelists also provided insights related to the lack of innovation in Serbia’s economy and business environment, as well as in agriculture and the food industry in general. In addition, the panel of experts provided recommendations and conclusions on how to identify opportunities for innovation and improve competitiveness of the Serbian food processing industry.