Facilitation of Export of Serbian Niche Products in Targeted International Markets


USAID Competitive Economy Project, within the framework of the Access to Market Program, continues with implementation of the export facilitation program aiming to strengthen internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises in fruit and vegetables processing sector.

This program will be implemented in partnership with selected trade agents, local companies specialized in international market research, business networking (b2b meetings), and food products placement in international distribution channels. Last year, successful cooperation with two trade agents resulted in internationalization of 15 companies. These companies received a full-scale consultancy support in market penetration and placement of fresh fruit and premium food markets internationally (e.g. Great Britain and Middle East countries).

In 2019, Project will cooperate with four selected trade agents – Dotika, Trofej, SERBIAimpex / agroCommunications and KoVoli showing commitment to provide further assistance to internationalization of F&V processing companies. With the Program support, companies will be granted with core, non-financial consultancy and networking services in the field of market research, communication with foreign buyers and retail chains, and product development, in order to respond highly to meet foreign markets trends and consumers needs.

Companies cooperating with trade agents will have the opportunity of getting full-fledged support in accessing information about the requirements for entering foreign markets, as well as regarding market trends, quality standards, product marking, including appropriate training courses and mentoring support, with the aim of being prepared for establishing contacts and negotiations with foreign buyers and retail chains. The Project will continue to reinforce this model, considering the significance of internationalization of small and medium-sized companies, aiming at enhancing the competitiveness of domestic economic.

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