Business in Agriculture course launched


In early July 2021, the Mokra Gora School of Management launched its new Business in Agriculture course, offered with support from the USAID Competitive Economy Project. The course is a pioneering venture which aims to deploy a modern, innovative, and meaningful approach to enhancing the management skills of Serbian and regional farmers and food producers, in collaboration with private firms.

Business in Agriculture will allow students to gain skills in managing production and promote entrepreneurship, seeking to overcome current obstacles to long-term growth of Serbia’s agriculture and agribusiness sectors. This specialized certification course will help firms better respond to challenges posed by rapid technological development in the agribusiness sector and meet market requirements.

The course will include training modules in quality standards, investment, marketing, and value-added product development, which will all help enhance the competitiveness of Serbian agriculture and agribusiness.

For more information about the Business in Agriculture course, visit Business in agriculture • Mokra Gora School of Management (