BERRY BUSINESS FORUM, Serbia’s first international meeting of berry growers


Berry Business Forum, Serbia’s first international meeting of berry growers, was organized by Agro Belgrade on 6th October 2021. The conference that accompanied the event was a venue where 120 Serbian and regional growers, national and global experts, distributers, equipment manufacturers, and other berry industry stakeholders were able to learn more about Serbian berry production capacity and exports and trends in the global market. Also in focus were sourcing quality seeds and seedlings, adapting to climate change, and financing production, all key issues for growth of this promising sector. The second day of the Berry Business Forum featured a visit to cutting-edge plantations operated by Agro Bel System on Mt Kosmaj and the Adria Horticenter in the town of Ruma.

Videos of the conference events are available on the Agro Belgrade YouTube channel at

To learn more about the Berry Business Forum, visit or read Press Release – Berry Business Forum