From 2017 to 2022, the USAID Competitive Economy Project has successfully worked in partnership with public and financial institutions, the education system, and a variety of other service providers to establish system support groups for the companies to develop new products and improve access to markets and resources necessary to support growth. 

Activities are supported by strong communication campaigns to change the perception of Serbian products in foreign and domestic markets and stimulate new investments.

The Project supported several key industry segments: the traditional industrial processing sector working with frozen, dried, and warm processed products; niche product industry segment, which includes geo-branded products, bio and organic food, and retail shelf-ready products; and start-up segment necessary to stimulate models for integrating young and creative people in the industry. Dedicated above all to strengthening micro, small and medium enterprises, the Project promoted access to markets, new technologies and marketing strategies, and better coordination and resource utilization within food industry sectors.